The Shade Campus


Shade’s vision is to create a place of hope and holistic care for children with albinism and other vulnerable children.

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Outreach Center
Homes for Children
Missionary and Visitor
Agricultural Center
Solar Power

God has given us a vision and is at work to provide a permanent place of hope for our region. Our vision includes a primary school, homes for orphans, a house of prayer, a well, equipping and empowering centers, playing fields, homes for missionaries and visitors, and fields for growing crops. A goal of ours is to be completely self-sustainable.

At the heart of our vision is the desire to bring the orphan and vulnerable into family. (PSALM 68:6)

After putting down roots in Shinyanga, we realized that the most vulnerable and the ones to whom God is calling us are those with albinism. Our vision is to have a safe place for them to be in family, receive a quality education, and ultimately to know the love that Jesus has for them.

SHADE has 10.5 acres of land. We are currently raising funds and support to build and make our vision a reality. If you have a heart to help us move this vision forward, click the donate button and/or contact us for ways you can help.

To learn more about the first steps towards building this vision, check out our Water Project and our Land Development Plan.