Our Preschool Has Been Launched!

In January of 2020, SHADE launched the first classes of our school!

Thirty students from our local area are enrolled in two classes, a baby class and a middle class. Aged from three to five years, students attend a half-day of school where they are taught in English, eat breakfast, get a healthy afternoon snack, and take a much-needed nap! In addition to the core subjects of English, Math, and Science, students participate in music, art, Bible, and sports classes as well.

Not only is the opening of Shade School a big step for our ministry, but it is also a major step in the actualization of the vision God gave for holistic care to vulnerable children. We believe that education is foundational to poverty alleviation and setting children on a path towards their destinies.

Our plan is to grow the school year after year, continuing to add classes until we have a complete primary school.

Wonder why you don’t see any children with albinism in these photos? Read the strategic plan for our school here.