Transformation by Faith

We believe that true transformation will come when all people experience the Father’s heart of love for them, the forgiveness of Jesus given to them, and the empowering work of the Holy Spirit guiding them. When faced by the power of God’s love, violence and prejudice against people with albinism will not stand.

All of Shade’s work is infused with the Gospel message. Our Campus aims to be a community centered on family in Christ and will have a house of prayer at the heart of it.

Spiritual Outreach

In late 2019, Shade launched a spiritual outreach program to share the Good News with our neighbors in Shinyanga. Throughout the week, the team visits families in their homes in order to get to know them better, learn about their strengths and their needs, tell them about albinism and the goals of Shade, share the Gospel with them, and give them Bibles and songbooks. We always spend time in prayer and singing, and leave filled with joy! We are grateful for the warm welcome of our community and their receptivity to the Gospel.