Land Development Plan

First Steps

After tapping into a water source on our land, the next phases are to begin building.

In late 2018, we started by building a guard house and gazebo.

With a well, solar tank, and new programs on the land, the first step was to have a security presence. The guard house was erected to be the new home of Shade’s longtime head of security, George, and his family. Having security present on our land was a critical first step!

Next, we built a gazebo. And although it may not look like much, this space represents the beginning of Shade’s vision coming to life by providing a place for children from the community to gather.

Container Build

As we started to plan out the next steps of the vision, God set up a divine meeting between missionary Mike Fedele and a man named Bill Hebner. Bill is the founder of Hebner Innovative Solutions, a company that designs and builds structures using shipping containers. We have worked closely with Bill to map out our land and design container buildings which will suit Shade’s needs.

Phase One of building includes a five-shipping container structure, which will serve as a multipurpose space for classrooms, offices, a kitchen, a meeting and prayer room, and bathrooms. With the ability to use shipping containers like Lego building blocks, the second phase will add on to the initial five containers and, in the end, will become a beautiful, large elementary school.

Thank you for partnering with us to build this vision through your prayers and finances. We humbly ask for your continuation, knowing that this would not be possible without your generosity.