What is Albinism?

Albinism is an inherited genetic condition where the lack of the pigment melanin results in pale skin, light-colored hair, and low vision.

Approximately one in every 1,400 children born in Tanzania is born with albinism.

This is the highest rate in all of Africa and a significantly higher rate than in Europe and North America, where approximately one in 20,000 people has albinism.

The Problem

Children with albinism in Tanzania are kidnapped and murdered so their body parts can be used to bring good fortune or wealth. The Shinyanga region of Tanzania is home to many people with albinism and to some of the most deeply rooted beliefs in the witchcraft that endangers them.

People with albinism are also outcasts in society. In many cases, mothers are advised to kill their babies with albinism. Often parents consider their children with albinism useless and do not enroll them  in school. Those who do attend school face the challenge of low-vision and teachers who are usually ill-equipped to accommodate them. They are outcasts among their peers.

The lack of skin pigmentation also leaves people with albinism very sensitive to the sun in a country near the equator. There are high rates of skin cancer among people with albinism, starting at alarmingly young ages.

Our Solution

We believe in the deep LOVE that Jesus Christ has for those with albinism.

We believe they are worthy of life and worthy of love. We feel called and convicted to protect, equip, and empower these ones with albinism.