The Team

Tanzanian Team

John Migila, Tanzanian Country Director
John is from Iringa, Tanzania. He earned his degree in Business Administration from the University of Irigna and worked as a program intern with Under The Same Sun, the leading albinism advocacy organization in Tanzania, before coming to serve with Shade as Country Director. As a person with albinism himself, John has first-hand experience with the challenges and discrimination that people with albinism face.
Debora Daud, Lead Teacher
Debora is from Kigoma, Tanzania. She earned her certificate in Education from Musoma Utalii College and has a passion for teaching elementary-aged children, as well as a deep passion for Jesus. Debora has been with Shade from the beginning.
Janeth Renatus, Teacher
Janeth is from Meatu, Tanzania. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education from the Dar Es Salaam College of Hotel and Business Studies. Forfour years, Janeth served as a teacher of three to five-year-olds for Shade’s classrooms at Buhangija center. She has a real heart for children with albinism and loves the ones she teaches!
Mecktilda Mbogo, Accountant
Mecktilda is from Shinyanga, Tanzania. She holds a degree in Co-Operative Management and Accounting from Moshi Co-Operative University. Not only does Mecktilda competently managed Shade’s finances but she is always n eager to help out in other ministry areas.
Martina Byeilango, Matron
Originally from Shinyanga, Tanzania, Martina serves as the matron and jack-of-all-trades for Shade at our ministry base. She earned her diploma from Buhare Community Development Training Institute in Musoma. As the live-in matron of the Student Transitional Program, Martina managed the program, mentored students, and was a role model for the young adults. Martina works with a heart of humility and servitude in all that she does.
George Makoye, Head of Security
George is from Bariadi, Tanzania and serves as head of security for the Shade campus. For four years he served as security guard on Shade’s rented base before moving his family to Shade’s newly-built guard house on the land in Bugweto.

U.S. Team

Board of Directors

Claire Fedele, International Director
Claire earned her degree in Psychology and certificate in K-8 Education from Seattle Pacific University. She taught in New Orleans, Louisiana before being called to leave everything behind and move to Tanzania to start SHADE from the ground up. Claire led SHADE in Tanzania with her husband Mike from 2014-2018. Claire continues as SHADE’s International Director from the US. She and Mike live in Washington state.
Rev. Jack Grubbs, Chairman
Rev. Jack Grubbs is an Anglican priest serving at Church of the Apostles in the City, an urban congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. Jack is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary and has a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Prior to being ordained, he worked in the non-profit sector promoting micro-enterprise programs in developing countries.
Carolyn Cuppernull, Treasurer
Carolyn Cuppernull is a communications, public policy and business development executive with 30 years of ex­perience working with corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. Carolyn is a graduate of Ohio University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.
Susan Grubbs, Secretary
Susan Grubbs earned her degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her work experience includes a number of ministries and non-profits.