Impact Update

Your partnership is making a difference in lives. During this challenging time, you have given our students, staff, community, and children with albinism the love and support that they need.

Check out your impact.

Aid to children with albinism

Bar and powder soap were delivered to children with albinism in need.

Community outreach

Families in our community of Magobeko received hand-washing buckets, soap, corona virus fact sheets, and encouraging words from the Bible to help them stay healthy and positive.

Distance learning

Shade preschoolers received resources and support to continue learning at home after the temporary closure of Shade School.

Simply being there

Food and basic necessities were received by our dear friend with albinism (and graduate of the Student Transitional Program!) as she welcomed her son into the world.

Loving the vulnerable

Former orphan and now Shade’s ten-year-old son, John, received one-on-one instruction from Shade teachers after his private school temporarily closed.

Solar-powered electricity

Shade guard, George, and his family received the gift of solar so that their home is full of light and even more joy.

Support to staff

Shade staff were fully supported while transitioning to working from home. We may be biased, but we believe that we have the best team around.

Focus on prayer

Prayer time increased and intensified as we interceded for people with albinism, the community, the nation, and the world during this difficult time.

Campus development

Three words: rainy season mud. Our vision of providing a place of hope continued on as small improvements were done in our students’ absence.

Strategic planning

Sometimes inspiration comes when you don’t have a piece of paper and a pen. As the world changes, so do our plans, and we have been excitedly diving into what our next steps will be.