In early 2019, SHADE launched an education outreach on our land. The Bugweto Education Outreach will impact elementary school-aged children through academic support, fun, health and hygiene training, and the love of Jesus. By exposing children to the truths of albinism at a young age, we also hope to shape their views towards the love and value of every person, regardless of skin color. Not only will this program benefit children, but it will enable Shade to begin building relationships with our new neighbors!

This program will be the first step in building towards our vision of having a primary school.

In 2020, we will add a playgroup, followed by a nursery school class the following year. During this time, we will begin the process of obtaining a primary school license with the goal of starting a Standard One (equivalent of first grade) class in 2022. Our long-range plan is to add an additional primary class level each school year up to Standard Seven.

All of SHADE’s work in Tanzania has been done with the ultimate goal of building this vision, so we are thrilled to get started through the Bugweto Education Outreach!

Plan for School


The Tanzanian government has set up centers throughout Tanzania in an attempt to protect children with albinism. Parents leave their children at these centers out of fear for their safety or because they do not want them. Many of the centers, while providing guards and concrete walls with razor wire to keep potential attackers out, are overcrowded. For three and a half years, SHADE served these children at a center in Shinyanga.

SHADE launched two preschool classrooms in 2015 at the center after seeing education for the youngest as one of the greatest needs. In our classrooms, we provided education and supplies like books, clothes, and uniforms. We brought healthy food to help supplement the children’s diet. We sang with them and taught the love of Jesus through the Bible. In these practical and tangible ways, they received hope for their future and felt loved.

In 2018, after a policy change at the center which meant that preschool-aged children were no longer accepted, SHADE concluded our preschool services. While we were sad about this change, we are thankful that many preschoolers have had the opportunity to be prepared for entering primary school and that they have been holistically cared for and loved for the years that SHADE  was able to serve them.

When SHADE began our preschool, we knew that this would only be a temporary program.

Our vision has always been to have land and to build our own pre-primary and primary school in order to love and serve vulnerable children.

Along with a school, our vision is to have a place that offers holistic care and love, just like the children at the center need.  Homes, training and counseling centers, a prayer room, and a fully self-sustaining environment are all part of the vision.

We are excited to be transitioning to our land and to begin building toward this vision!