Empowering Youth

Shade launched a new initiative, the Community Club, in 2021. We invited youth from our village to join, with the goal of equipping and empowering them holistically.

One key component of the Community Club is advocacy. Shade’s Country Director, John Migila, leads regular sessions to educate the youth about albinism and spend time answering their questions. Great discussions have been born, and John uses his personal experience to bring the challenges – and joys – of being a person with albinism to life.

Understanding Albinism

We believe that mindsets and myths surrounding people with albinism can be changed through education and awareness-raising. We aim to educate people on the truths of albinism and fight for their rights in society. We conduct seminars called Understanding Albinism in various community settings. Participants learn about the genetics behind albinism, characteristics of albinism, challenges faced by people with albinism, and ways to support people with albinism.

Giving Young Adults a Voice

When Shade learned that the government centers for children with albinism were going to be sending home the young adults who lived in them, we sprang into action, and the Student Transitional Program was born.