A note from Tanzanian Director, John Migila

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful that am back safely to my home country and found that my staff are doing great with work here at the Shade Campus.

Now that am in Tanzania, distances do not matter to me at all when the memories of this USA trip are so sweet. I can’t forget anyone who I met in person, churches I visited, and different groups of people I talked to because there were a very positive.

All the states I have visited and the people I have seen while eating or talking gave me the great memories that will remain in my heart as I keep on praying and remembering you.

My twin brother, Joseph, has travelled to many European countries for work. One day I told him my first trip out of Africa would be visiting America because I am a gospel singer and I love the way many US worship artists sing. The day I landed in Washington, DC I realized that my dream had come true.

While in the US, I experienced many things that show God’s glory is alive. Any moment we prayed, worshipped, and talked together showed how your hearts are positive in many ways especially by giving in the ministry of SHADE, and it really revealed that you are proving the existence of the kingdom of God in the earth. God bless you so much.

I was surprised to see how the US is organized and that most of you guys are good time managers. Although, I heard it said that Americans wear watches, but they never have time. I enjoyed eating new foods like salad, bacon, and hamburgers (although I was careful in gaining weight so I did not take too much of it!).

Some of my favorite places were Wichita, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and Seattle. Driving on that 17-mile-long bridge in Virginia was amazing! I had a great experience in North Carolina attending the New Wineskins conference and speaking to 1,600 people. It was incredible to share my story of success in making change for vulnerable children with SHADE.

Despite of exploring the US and seeing different people, I have gained access to friendships, and am motivated to pray for you guys and a joy feeling that in this world it’s not about ourselves but it’s about others in a sense of improving or changing lives of people.

I would like to humbly thank everyone and appreciate you for your great hospitality and good heart that you showed me. I pray blessings and grace all over you and your families.

I shared with my staff about you guys and what you are doing for the kingdom of God. I believe this trip will impact my staff to put even more effort in serving these vulnerable children in a sense that one day they can stand somewhere with tears of joy testifying or giving success stories just like the way I did.

God bless the US. God bless Tanzania.
To God be the glory, amen.

John Migila, Tanzanian Country Director for SHADE