Daudi Smiles

Daudi* was a preschooler at the Shade Nursery School inside a government center for children with albinism in Tanzania. He started out in our littlest class, coming to class each day in his Shade uniform to learn his letters and numbers. Daudi loved playing with others and building with legos. Most importantly, he learned that although he may be abandoned by his earthly family, he is part of God’s family and a beloved son.

In Tanzania, children with albinism often grow up in government centers for their protection. They are targets of attack and are hunted due to beliefs that their body parts, when sacrificed in witchcraft rituals, will bring luck, power, and wealth.

Shade’s mission is to show the tangible love of Jesus to people with albinism in Tanzania. We focus on education, advocacy, and faith to bring transformation and are developing the Shade Campus, which will be a place of holistic love and care.

*Name has been changed for privacy