Shade School is Thriving

In January of 2022, Shade hit a major milestone, the launching of Shade School!

Shade School opened its doors for preschoolers two years earlier but required multiple buildings and government approval to include primary grade students. We are excited to now be offering six grade levels, beginning with a baby class of three-year-olds, a middle class (age four), a pre-unit class (age five), and primary grades one, two, and three. Our plan is to grow the school year after year, continuing to add classes until we have a complete primary school.

In addition to the core subjects of English, Math, and Science, students participate in music, art, Bible, and sports classes. Students are also provided with two healthy meals each day and scholarships are available to vulnerable families and students with albinism.

Shade School is key to actualizing the vision God gave for holistic care to vulnerable children. We believe that education is foundational to poverty alleviation and setting children on a path towards their destinies.

Interested in enrolling your child at Shade School? Learn more here.

Wonder why you see few children with albinism in our photos? You can read the strategic plan for our Shade School here.