Coming Soon…
In January of 2022, we hope to break ground on a cafeteria for Shade School. Will you give to help provide a place for our students to receive two healthy meals each day?

Check out our last phase of building that you made possible.

Project Expansion 2021 is complete! Thank you to everyone who gave to make Shade School a reality.

November 2021: Construction is Nearly Complete!

Two beautiful classroom blocks are fully finished and the bathrooms are nearly complete! Check out our progress.

May 2021: Construction Round Two Kicks Off

The first block of classrooms is nearly complete, but that does not mean we are finished expanding! Next up is a second row of classrooms. This block will contain four additional classes. With a total of seven classrooms, Shade will be in a good position to apply for our primary school registration and will begin accepting students in both the preschool and primary school levels. This is a huge step for Shade! Take a look at our progress so far.

See our First Block Come to Life!

Feburary 2021: The Shade School Expansion is well underway!

The first classroom block on the Shade Campus is nearing completion! Lines were drawn in the sand (literally!), materials delivered, and the beginnings of the foundation were laid. We celebrated as the construction crew began swinging picks and digging shovelfuls of earth to build another piece of our vision. Thank you for your partnership in project Expansion 2021. Stay tuned for continued updates!

Project Details

Start Date: February 2021
Cost: $65,000
Building Materials: Traditional concrete block & corrugated metal roofing built by local Tanzanians
Six classrooms: two classroom blocks each containing three classrooms ($39,040)
Ten bathrooms: Two blocks of five student bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys, as well as a septic waste system ($22,000)
Solar power: Solar-powered electricity for inside the classrooms and outside for security ($3,960)

Read the full project proposal here.