Land Development Plan

First Steps

After tapping into a water source on our land, we began to build.

In late 2018, a guard house was erected on the land in order to create a security presence. Shade’s longtime head of security, George, and his family moved in.

A gazebo was also built. Although it may not look like much, this space represented the beginning of Shade’s vision coming to life by providing a place for children from the community to gather.

An after-school educational program was launched in that very gazebo in early 2019!

Container Build

As the plans were being developed for the next steps of land development, God set up a divine meeting between missionary Mike Fedele and a man named Bill Hebner. Bill is the founder of Hebner Innovative Solutions, a company that designs and builds structures using shipping containers.

Bill designed a five-container structure and coordinated a team to come to Shinyanga and build it. It now serves as the start of Shade School, offices, a meeting space, a kitchen, and bathrooms.

Expansion 2021

Project Expansion 2021 kicked off in February of 2021 when we broke ground on new classrooms for Shade School. The project will add six classrooms, ten bathrooms, and solar power to our Campus.