Love in Action Challenge Email Template

Copy and paste, fill in your team’s name and fundraising goal, and share with friends! You can download and include the picture above, if you like.

Hi Friend,

This May, I’m participating in the Love in Action Challenge with Shade, an organization that serves people with albinism in Tanzania – a people group that faces persecution and discrimination simply because of their genetic difference.  

During the Challenge, I will be virtually racing across Tanzania to raise awareness and funds for Shade with my exercise. The proceeds will help Shade School to continue providing quality, inclusive education.

I need your help! Will you join the Challenge with me? Don’t worry if you’re not a big runner…there are over 100 different forms of exercise (even yard work!) that can be converted to “miles” and move you along the race route.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Join my team! It’s called XXXX. Together, we will try to take on the 209-mile route! Click here.
  2. Create your own team. If you make a new team, you can recruit your family, friends, coworkers, gym buddies – you will spread the word about Shade even further and encourage others to be active also! Join now so that you can start recruiting and planning.
  3. Donate. If you don’t want to exercise but still want to help, would you consider donating to me or my team? I have a goal of raising XXXX for the precious kids in Tanzania!

Here’s the Challenge page link, where you can do any of these actions.

Thanks so much for joining me in this cause!