Community Outreach

We believe that God has called us to be a light in our community, and the mission of Shade will go forth when our community is empowered. Shade has a holistic approach to ministry. This looks like ministering to the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs of people. Community Outreach does just that.
A few of our initiatives include:
A Community Club invites local youth to learn about cultivating in the Community Garden, life skills, the Bible, and the truth about albinism.
Seminars are held in Jamukaya Hall, so that the community can come together to learn about albinism, public health, and participate in worship and prayer.
Literature distribution provides Bibles and songbooks to families in the community so that they can read the Word of God and worship in their homes.
Resources are given to the local government center to help provide for the needs of children with albinism living there.

Transformation by Faith

We believe that true transformation will come when all people experience the Father’s heart of love for them, the forgiveness of Jesus given to them, and the empowering work of the Holy Spirit guiding them. When faced by the power of God’s love, violence and prejudice against people with albinism will not stand. All of Shade’s work is infused with the Gospel message. Our Campus aims to be a community centered on family in Christ.