Young Adults in Training

When Shade learned that the government centers for children with albinism were going to be sending home the young adults who lived in them, we sprang into action. Having previously invested in a group of young adults by sponsoring them to vocational training schools, we knew that God had given us a piece of His heart for this group.

In early 2017, Shade launched a transitional program with the goal of helping these young adults with albinism transition from the government centers back to their villages successfully.

A group of students was welcomed to live at Shade’s ministry base, where we offered a safe place to stay, food, and training. The students learned life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, raising chickens, and basic hygiene. A tutor taught those who were illiterate how to read, write, and do math, and students were trained in the art of soap and batiki-making. By teaching these skills along with entrepreneurship, students were equipped with the confidence and ability to sell their products in town and begin to lead more self-sustaining, independent lives.