“I thank God and Shade organization for supporting and helping my kid James to get a quality education. At the beginning, James didn’t know anything but nowadays he changed. He can count and speak some words in English. I remember after James was born his father told me that I have brought a curse in his family. I am asking Shade to continue helping my kid, and I will put more effort to help him with his basic needs. I hope my kid will study and help me for future.” – James’s Mother

James, a first grader at Shade School, has low vision. This is because he has albinism, which affects the pigment in his eyes. In the classroom, his visual impairment makes it challenging for James to see the blackboard. Without special help and accommodations, it is challenging for him to keep up with his lessons.

At Shade School, we train our teachers specifically to help students with albinism. They use special equipment such as dome lenses, monoculars, and reading lights, as well as strategies such as increased contrast and extra time for assignments. We would love to add one more assistive device to our arsenal with your help. 

Our first-grade teacher, Sir Samuel, recently brought in his personal tablet to help support James’s learning. He took pictures of the blackboard so that James could zoom in and follow along. He noticed a marked difference: instead of spending time copying the blackboard’s content onto a piece of paper or having James stay back during recess time, James learned concurrently with his peers.

We would love to provide a tablet to our nine oldest students with albinism next year. Will you help?