Shade’s Virtual Gathering

The first-ever Virtual Gathering was a great success! Take a look.

Have a Question?

There were so many questions posed by participants during the Virtual Gathering, we could not get to them all! Check out some more Q&A below.

Will lunch be supplied to students?
Yes, with the exception of the younger students who go home before lunch. Some students will pay school fees to help cover the cost, while others will receive a scholarship and will get lunch for free. We will use some fresh fruits and veggies from our Community Garden!

For the students who will go to Shade school, where are they going to school now?
Those who are joining Shade School now have never been in school before. They are preschoolers enrolling for the first time! 

Will one bus accommodate the entire school’s transportation needs?
We will see! Outgrowing a single bus would be great because that would mean lots of Shade School scholars! We are slowly building, growing, and moving forward with intentionality, so for now, one bus should be enough. 

Is there a need for short-term mission teams to come and help?
Teams are welcome to come visit us in Tanzania! We would love to start a conversation with anyone who is interested in serving. Email and we can chat!

Will the bus allow for students to come from the government center for children with albinism?
That is our hope! We have been in communication with the leaders of the center, and they are positive about the possibility. Once we have transportation and official registration of our school (in application now!), we can work toward making this happen!

How do I give if I live outside of the U.S.?
Thank you to our donors both near and far! I have adjusted the online donation form so those who are outside of the U.S. should be able to give now. Please email if you still have a challenge doing so!

How can I hear John Migila’s gospel song again?
Isn’t our Director so talented?! Check out the music video for his song, Seen Jesus, here.

Will you help us buy a bus?

Shade School needs a bus! A school bus will be a reliable form of transportation that will provide access to quality education for all children. We cannot wait to fill our new classrooms with many students!