Thankfulness is all about perspective. 

It’s that time of year again, where the days are shorter and the weather is colder. Here in the Seattle area (where I live), it seems as though, even when there is daylight, it is dimmed by drizzle. 

A friend of mine took a different perspective on the dreariness. He said that instead of focusing on the rain, he was going to track the sun. Each day the sun comes out has a small yellow circle on his calendar.

That’s what thankfulness is about. Focusing on the sun even during the rainiest periods.

This year has been a tough one. There are so many rainy moments that can take our attention. But, let’s choose to see the good too.

Here at Shade, we are thankful for so much. Our staff, students, and community have remained healthy during this pandemic. Shade School was launched and offers quality education to preschoolers in our community. The hope and love of Jesus has been shared with our neighbors and the mission of bringing tangible love to those in need has pressed on.

We are also thankful for you.

Without your partnership, none of this would’ve been possible. You have educated, encouraged, and brought joy to our brothers and sisters in Tanzania.

You are the sunshine, even in a season of rain.

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Shade.