December 5, 2019

During Thanksgiving week this year, all of us at Shade took the opportunity to #lookback at 2019 and remember all of the reasons we have to be thankful. If you missed our posts on social media, here is a recap:

Day One.
It is the season of thankfulness. This week, let’s #lookback at all there is to be thankful for this year so far. Today we are grateful for our community.

The Shade Campus is located in the village of Magobeko, and we love our neighbors! Our team delivered bibles and songbooks to two families last week. We strive to bring the hope of the Gospel to our community.

Day Two.
Day 2! Today we #lookback to April of 2019 and are thankful for the first shipping container building going up on our land! We are so grateful for the team who made it happen: all who gave, traveled to Tanzania, and prayed it into existence over the years.

Watch a short thank you video from Country Director John and see a progression from the first container to the finished product here!

Day Three.
Today, we are thankful that the attacks and killings of people with albinism are declining. We will press on to advocate and educate people about the truths of albinism and look forward to a day when people are no longer hunted because of the color of their skin.

See a video showing the joy of children who know they are loved here!

Day Four.
Happy Thanksgiving! As you jog in a Turkey Trot, watch football, eat your fill, and take your naps, know that today, we are thankful for YOU!

To everyone who has shared a post, you have advocated.
To everyone who has given a dollar, you have fought against injustice.
To everyone who has said a prayer, you have released power.
To everyone who has volunteered, you have sacrificed for a child’s sake.
From our table to yours, thank you!


Day Five.
As we wrap up our week of thankfulness, we are grateful for our students from preschool all the way up to fourth grade. Your joy, progress, and receptiveness to the Gospel make our outreach so much fun! Congratulations on your graduation from our program!